Sean’s Bar is a historic and original watering hole, dating back one thousand years, it has been a popular spot with both locals and visitors throughout its time. It is located on the west bank of the River Shannon, in the heart of Ireland. It lays claim to be being Ireland’s oldest pub and maybe even the oldest in the world, dating back to 900A.D.

It has a fascinating history and holds records of every owner since it origins. During renovations in the 1970’s it was discovered that the walls of the bar were made of wattle and wicker, dating to the ninth century, a section of this is on display in a glass case. They also found a number of old coins that are now on display in the National Museum in Dublin. This historic and unique building is small and quaint, featuring low ceilings, sloping floors, sawdust on the floors and an old-style open turf fireplace, it is home to a collection of historical objects. This cosy establishment has a lively and vibrant atmosphere, attracting a diverse clientele from all around the world, as well as many famous people. Visitors will delight in the live music featuring local and traditional bands and singers, on Monday to Thursday nights as well as Sunday night. Outside is a riverside garden that has heaters and provides additional outdoor seating.

There are certain aspects of the pub that have not changed over the centuries, it is old-fashioned and remains relatively untouched by the passage of time. It is undoubtedly a genuine and authentic pub and enjoys a special atmosphere, it is like stepping back in time. The walls are adorned with photos of many visitors who have been to this establishment in the past centuries.

Sean’s Bar opens daily and as well as being Ireland’s oldest pub it is also one of the best loved pubs in the country. Your visit here will add to the incredible number of visitors who have stopped here over the years. The friendly clientele will easily chat away to locals and visitors and visitors will soon be chatting away to strangers and having the craic.

Seans Bar is full of character and charm, offers a unique atmosphere, tons of history, great music, great people and staff, overall a fantastic place to visit. Worth noting it dos not serve food!