Old Jameson Distillery is an Irish whiskey tourist attraction situated close to the city centre in Bow Street, Smithfield, Dublin. It is an extremely popular attraction that will appeal to all interests not just whiskey connoisseurs. It is located in the original distillery, a lovely historic building that got a new lease of life following years of abandonment, it now serves as a museum that contains some of the original and intact distilling equipment. They did distill whiskey here from 1780 until its eventual closure in 1971, as a result of a decline in sales owing to numerous factors it was one of the last distilleries in Ireland to close. Production was then moved to the Middleton Distillery, in Cork.

The experience commences with a short film presentation. Then professional guides narrate the story of Jameson’s history and whiskey making in this former distillery, starting with its humble beginnings to how it has grown over the years to the world famous brand that it is today. Visitors will also find out how three simple ingredients, water, barley and yeast are blended into their world famous whiskey’s. During the tour visitors will discover the processes involved from getting from grain to bottle, this involves eight separate stages, to get to their famous Irish Whiskey. The traditional methods of are explained along with some interesting facts on how the liquor is allowed to cure. The duration of the tour is around an hour, and is very informative and interesting.

The conclusion of the tour involves a drink of whiskey with many guests saying this is the best part of the tour. They also look for volunteers to take part in a tutored whiskey taste test where they will get to sample a variety of whiskey’s, the Jameson brand is compared to famous Scotch whisky’s as well as famous US brands, participants will earn a personalised Whiskey Taster Certificate.

The 3rd Still Restaurant is located on the mezzanine level and visitors can enjoy a selection of delicious dishes amongst its cosy and friendly atmosphere. JJ’s bar allows guests to try some delicious Jameson cocktails. Jameson Reserve Bar offers the opportunity to savour some of the best Premium Reserve Range whiskeys they have to offer.

Before leaving there is the distillery gift shop where you can browse a nice selection of unique and genuine Jameson branded whiskey related gifts and souvenirs. For real whiskey enthusiasts they offer a “Bottle Your Own” experience, this involves hand filling a bottle of Jameson Select Reserve Cask Black Barrel from a live bourbon cask, before personalising the label with your name, the date and the number of the cask, the bottle number and the alcohol strength.

Old Jameson Distillery is open daily throughout the year.