Irish Culture is famous throughout the world. Your Irish Vacation is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Ireland and discover first-hand the very best of Irish Culture. Perhaps you would like to learn a few words of the Irish language, better known throughout the world as Gaelic.

Why not learn some steps of Irish dancing? The Irish Dance Party is a fun Irish dancing lesson fused combined with live, authentic, world class Irish music and dance. This experience is one of the most fun ways to learn about Irish culture, music and dance.

The Irish race are extremely musical and there is no better way to experience Irish music than at an authentic live Irish music session. There are live Irish music sessions in most cities. Some of our favourite traditional music venues in Ireland are Oliver St John Gogarty’s (Dublin), Tigh Coili (Galway), Madden’s (Belfast) and The Locke (Limerick). You may also like to take a class on how to learn to play the Bodhran (a small hand held drum that is synonymous with Irish music).

Sport also forms a huge part of Irish culture so why not learn how to play our national sports – Gaelic Football and Hurling! Experience Gaelic Games is a superb facility in Dublin that allows you to learn the basics of our Irish sports in a fun and entertaining environment. If you would love to learn about Irish sport but aren’t feeling too energetic we can arrange tickets to any of Ireland’s sporting events. Sample the electric atmosphere, the fun environment and the excitement at a live Sports event in Ireland.

It’s time to immerse yourself in Irish culture – it’s time to be inspired!