Ireland is one of the most popular fishing destinations in the world and our country offers visitors a wide range of fishing experiences. The Irish coastline stretches for almost 3,200 kilometres (almost 2,000 miles) offering enormous sea-fishing facilities. Ireland offers so many other exceptional locations for the avid fisherman/fisherwoman.

The Irish climate is perfect for the angler, with temperate summers, mild winters and moderate levels of rainfall throughout the year. Ireland boasts an incredible combination of cold and warm water fish, which are perfect for the specialist angler and those on a family holiday.

Whether you are in search of Trout, Salmon or Mackerel or would like to try your hand at some Sea Angling, Ireland really is the perfect destination.

Fairways and FunDays can organise all aspects of your Irish Fishing experience from equipment to boat hire to passes.

There are hundreds of incredible fishing locations throughout our small island whether in lakes, on rivers or in the sea – Ireland truly is an Anglers Paradise!