Have you got some “green blood”?! Although the population of the island of Ireland is approximately 6.4 million people, there are over 70 million people throughout the world who claim Irish ancestry. It is believed that there are many more millions of people living in the world who are unaware of their Irish ancestry. Ireland has a history of emigration and for this reason millions of Irish people relocated to all corners of the world from South America to South Korea and from New Zealand to Newfoundland.

Your visit to Ireland is a perfect opportunity to explore your Irish heritage or to investigate whether you do have any Irish ancestry.

There are several incredible visitor experiences throughout Ireland that allow you to explore your Irish heritage. Several of these centres feature interactive aspects detailing the largest ever emigration of Irish people which occurred during the Irish famine from 1845 to 1850. During this period, it is believed that over 1.5 million Irish people emigrated, mostly to the UK, USA and Canada.

An excellent starting point for anyone who wants to explore his or her Irish ancestry is at EPIC Ireland, a new interactive attraction which is in Dublin city. EPIC Ireland features The Irish Family History Centre which offers visitors an exciting way to search for their Irish ancestors. It also allows visitors to explore their Irish heritage and discover their own unique family background and history.