Seanchai Story Telling Evening is a stepping back into old traditions of Ireland, when a seanchai would entertain people through the stories they told, they were usually told around a fire in a Rambling House where all the neighbours would gather to listen. Storytelling is an integral part of the Irish culture and heritage, and the world’s oldest form of entertainment. The Irish word for storyteller is “seanchai” translating as a bearer of “old lore” or “old thought”. The tradition of storytelling here in Ireland is thought to date back to the Celts, when laws and history were documented in long lyrical poems, but over the years evolved into tales, passed from generation to generation without been written down.

Today these stories are still as entertaining and enthralling, and are often told around a roaring fire in a warm and cosy room. The talented and charismatic seanchai will whisk their listeners into a world of imagination with wonderful insights and magical tales about Irish life in bygone times. Listeners will hear several of the best fables and tall tales, involving mermaids, Vikings, leprechauns, fairies and giants during a night of storytelling.

The stories told are an eclectic blend of old and new, traditional and modern but still maintaing an authentic analysis of Ireland’s uniquely rich culture. The stories provide an insight into how Irish people lived their daily lives in past times.

Your evening of storytelling is accompained by excellent food and traditional music. Be prepared to join in the convivialities, clap your hands and stamp your feet and just have fun, that is what the evening is all about.

These seanchai have a great love and respect for this element of Irelands heritage and strive to keep this tradition alive whilst sharing their repertoire of stories. The passion and enthusiaim these seanchai have for the stories they tell is infectious.

A Seanchai story telling evening is about two hours in duration. A unique, memorable and fun experience for all, probaly one of the best touristy things to do, a really special evening event.