Rainforest Golf is located adjacent to Dundrum shopping centre, a popular shopping destination on the outskirts of Dublin. It is designed around a South American Rainforest, lying deep within the ruins are two ancient civilisations, the two 18 hole indoor minigolf courses are themed around these lost civilisations. Being indoors, the great attraction here is that whatever the weather play can still proceed. It also caters to all ages from young children to adults and to all abilities, it is a great family fun activity. Mini golf requires does not require any real skill so it is a fun and entertaining way to play golf.

Both courses are slightly different, they are interactive and challenging, with uniquely designed holes and lots to look out for along the way. Guests have to golf their way through lush tropical forests, where the monkeys screech overhead, they will find unusual carvings, crystal skulls and the mask of death on the Aztec course. The Mayan course flows through lush tropical foliage, with animatronic special effects, watch out for the genuine tribal carvings.

Both courses lead to the mythical 19th hole of the Jaguar Temple and if you score a hole-in-one you get a free round of golf.

The Canopy Cafe serves a nice selection of snacks, coffees and teas

The Canopy Gift shop stocks a good choice of rainforest friendly gifts many made by the people of the South American rainforests, gifts cater to all ages.

Rainforest Golf provides hours of competitive family fun in this bright, fun and lively attraction.