One experience not to be missed on a visit to ireland is a Medieval banquet. Guests will be exposed to the banqueting style of the medieval era. These medieval banquets are located throughout Ireland and are typically hosted in some of the country’s finest castles, creating the perfect setting.

Guests are greeted by the butler in period costume before being brought to the Great Hall. Enjoy a goblet of Mead as you mingle and explore the surroundings. Staff entertain guests with music from the Irish harp and fiddle. There is a ceremony where the King and Queen are crowned, following this guests are lead into the banqueting hall where they will experience the banqueting style of the medieval period. The decor is representative of this time with intimate bench seating along large oak tables and dimly lit by flickering church candles, walls are adorned with tapestries and the furniture is 16th century. During the evening a splendid traditional four course meal is served, consumed with fingers and a dagger, and accompanied by fine wines. Water bowls are provided to clean your fingers. A wonderful evening of entertainment follows where guests can enjoy stories and lots of humour and listen to Irish medieval and traditional songs and instrumental music. All servers are dressed in traditional costume to further authenticate the experience.

A medieval banquet is a truly unique, authentic and above all memorable experience, providing an evening of festivity and revelry.

They are held throughout the year and are around two hours in duration.