Ireland is world renowned for its pubs and they are an integral part of its culture and heritage throughout the years. They are a special part of the Ireland experience and are known for the craic and their casual friendly atmosphere. They served as a focal point in local communities, especially in rural areas that were often isolated. They also served as meeting points for the rebels, many famous meetings were held in them and literary greats drew inspiration from them, as well as just being a place to share stories. Ireland is brimming with old, authentic pubs, there is nothing quite like an old-fashioned Irish pub, for many the older the better. They have a warm and welcoming atmosphere and offer a place to rest and soak up the atmosphere whilst enjoying a pint. They can vary from bustling bars to quiet hole-in-the-wall taverns. The conversation has to flow, music can’t be too loud as talk and drink go together here.

The traditional decor of an irish pub is important, some great pub characteristics are the dark wood, a long bar, warm lighting, snugs, open fires and quirky artefacts. Many of these characteristics are a welcoming and inviting feature for many travellers.

They should have a good selection of drinks available. Ireland is world famous for its whiskey’s and bar staff will be happy to advise on what one to try. It is said that only in Ireland can you get the best pint of Guinness, there is an art to pouring the perfect pint.

Live music is a frequently found in Irish pubs, many offer traditional music sessions, and are a hallmark of pub culture. Some still favour old fashioned story telling nights, where myths and legends and folklore stories are told.

Sport also features strongly in Irish pubs, it is not uncommon for major sporting events to be televised. It is where sports fans come to cheer on their teams.

Food will also feature strongly in Irish pubs, their menus generally contain a selection of traditional dishes as well as the usual favourites. Visitors can expect tasty home-cooked foods.

Friendly and welcoming staff are found in these pubs. They will be happy to engage with visitors and it is not uncommon for tourists to be drawn into conversations with locals, as Irish people are generally interested in people from elsewhere.

Irish pubs are known for their excellent hospitality, big creamy pints of Guinness, good food and live music, they offer a complete entertainment package.

Lastly the traditional Irish toast is “Slainte”, the equivalent of cheers.