Great Traditional Irish Gastronomy introduces visitors to Ireland to some of the country’s finest cuisine. Ireland is not typically known for its cuisine, its most well known dish being the Irish stew or soda bread. In recent years the chefs here have been mixing things up and being more inventive when it comes to producing dishes. They are inclined to use seasonal fresh local or organic produce ensuring the highest quality.

Traditionally Irish food is nothing too fancy, wholesome, simple produce is used to create tasty dishes. The best chefs are rediscovering Irelands culinary heritage and are reintroducing some of the traditional dishes on their menu’s. Many foods that have been overlooked for years are being resurrected and are appearing on the menu’s of trendy cafes and restaurants all over the country.

Many counties have regional specialities and being an island seafood features strongly on many menus. Visitors can look forward to delicious seafood chowders, mussels, Dublin bay prawns, crab claws and much more.

There has been an emergence of an artisan movement with producers creating a delicious range of produce that can be found on the shelves of deli’s and supermarkets and featuring in many restaurants.

Farmers markets are a great place to visit they bring the local community together and whilst here visitors can sample the delicious local ingredients, sellers will have a tempting selection of products for sale that are freshly made and delicious.

What are the traditional foods you can expect when in Ireland, there is a blaa, a soft white roll, dulse, a slaty seaweed, black pudding, made with pigs blood, barley and seasoning, boxty, a traditional potato pancake, coddle, a white stew made with sausages, back bacon and potato, champ/colcannon, potato mixed with cabbage or scallions that is then made into potato cakes, or the fried breakfast a well loved favourite comprising of bacon, eggs, sausages, pudding as well as other items. Then there are the more exotic like fried Lough Neagh eel!

There are a number of celebrity chefs in Ireland who have opened restaurants, a number of Michelin Star restaurants, as well as a number of excellent establishments dotted throughout the island. Many of these establishments will cater to both vegetarian and vegan diners. These extablishments fly the flag at the top most level for Irish produce.

Eating out is a large and enjoyable part of a holiday experience and when dining in ireland this should certainly be the case with the quality and diversity of restaurants available. What diners will discover are great chefs and great cooking, a winning combination.