Greyhound racing is a fantastic alternative night out, it provides an evening of fast-paced excitement and fun and makes for a great night out for all ages. What guests get is a sociable night in a great atmosphere. Greyhound racing is a popular pastime in Ireland. It has all the excitement just not the glamour of horse-racing.

Modern stadium facilities ensure a comfortable and enjoyable night out, where guests can mix the thrill of a wager with an evening of drinks and delicious food. There are restaurants, a bar and private suite options where guests can watch all the action from the comfort of their indoor seats, whilst placing their bets with a table-side Tote service, meaning guests don’t have to leave their seats to make that winning bet. Or they can enjoy the action up close by the track side, see the sand rise as the dogs thunder past.

Greyhound racing is fast-paced and exciting, on average a race is only thirty seconds long, with the dogs reaching a maximum speed of 40mph. Races run every fifteen minutes. There are usually about ten races of varying distance a night. Guests receive a programme of the races for the evening with information relating to the dogs. Should guests require help with betting and how the process works, the staff are happy to oblige. There are only six Greyhounds in a race so choosing a winner should not be too difficult? Be ready for the exhilaration when your dog wins the race.

Races take place every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday nights, throughout the year. Both a thrilling and great nights entertainment is assured when you go Greyhound racing.