Ghost Bus Tour are not for the faint-hearted, they aim to provide a night of thrills, spooks and gruesome tales, through a theatrical sightseeing tour. On stepping onboard guests are introduced to an ethereal world of ghostly happening, comedy horror and terrifying histories. Onboard you will be introduced to your driver and guide who are appropriately dressed for the occasion.

The bus tour incorporates some of Dublin’s most haunting sights, these are pointed out as you cruise through the streets, in addition to being told about weird and wonderful events that have transpired in the city. The tour is designed to spook your imagination. There are a few stops throughout, including the Hellfire Clubroom and haunted museum downstairs. At the Victorian Theatre some of Dublin’s creepiest mysteries are regaled. Throughout the experience the professional guide will continue to make you uneasy with further myths and legends, associated with Dublin’s haunted past. St Kevin’s Graveyard introduces morbid tales of bodysnatching, gravedigging and even more grizzly details. The medieval vault at Dublin Castle or the crypts at Christchurch Cathedral are other creepy stops.

These tours run all year round in the evening time and are about two hours in duration. They are not suitable for children under fourteen years of age for those with a nervous disposition.

Ghost Bus Tours introduce guests to the more sinister and spookier side of Dublin, whilst learning some ghoulish facts. It is the scariest bus ride and the most frightening experience in Dublin.

This is the perfect experience for those looking for something different to do, that is both scary and fun, lots of goosebumps and laughs throughout.