Bram Stokers Castle Dracula is an exciting, fun and quirky night-time attraction. The museum celebrates Irish writer Bram Stoker and his most famous work, Dracula. Visitors are transported back in time to meet the Dracula characters who narrate the story of Dracula and the life of its elusive writer Bram Stoker, he was born next to Castle Dracula.

The journey will take visitors through a scare inducing and atmospheric journey of the castle, through Castle Dracula’s tunnels, over bridges to Lucy’s Courtyard, onto the haunted library, up to Dracula’s lair and then down to the Castle Graveyard Theatre for a show. Visitors will meet characters from Dracula, including Renfield and Van Helsing, the actors are fantastic and really get into the role. There are terrifying enactments of this spine chilling story of the Count and his victims. It is not just a spooky tour but is extremely informative about Bram Stokers life and career. The creepy setting and chilling effects are fantastic. The Vampire Show at the end is fabulous, a hilarious comedy show that will delight all visitors.

Whilst here visitors can also visit the Bram Stoker Hall of Fame, through a series of exhibits including, letters, pictures, stories, sketches, his death certificate and even a lock of his hair, the life and times of Bram Stoker is unfolded. It also hosts memorabilia from the Dracula movies. Get to know a little about the man who gave us the most famous horror character.

It is a unique experience here in Dublin, be prepared for lots of thrills, screams, frights and laughs during a visit. The experience is around two hours in length and is scaringly good fun.

Bram Stokers Castle Dracula is open every Saturday night during the year with extra shows around Halloween. It is not recommended for pregnant women owing to the strobe lighting or suited to children under fourteen years of age.