During your Ireland Golf Vacation why not enjoy an exhilarating VIP evening Ireland’s best Casino – The Sporting Emporium.  Located in the very heart of Dublin City, The Sporting Emporium is the largest Casino in Ireland and is certainly the most luxurious.  Try your luck with Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Brag or Punto Banco.

If you are a professional or a novice, or if you are just looking to experience an authentic Casino, the Fairways and FunDays Casino Night Experience offers an incredible evening as part of your Irish Golf Tour or Irish Vacation.

Your Casino Night Experience at The Sporting Emporium will begin with a Welcome Cocktail and an introduction to all the Casino games at the luxurious onsite Zozimus Bar.  You will be offered some great insight and advice on how to “beat the house.”  You will also be given a masterclass in Cocktail making by some of Ireland’s leading Mixologists.

A friendly and knowledgeable member of staff at The Sporting Emporium will then give you a guided tour of the casino and explain the rules of the various games.  You will be given Gaming Chips and then it’s time to try to make some cash!

The Fairways and FunDays Casino Night Experience offers a wide range of betting options which are suitable for players at all levels.  Betting stakes start from as low as 50cent.  The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment and with this in mind there are a wide range of dining and refreshment options available at The Sporting Emporium.  Your Casino Night Experience includes delicious Tapas served in the luxurious surroundings of this magnificent casino.

The Sporting Emporium features the most up to date casino technology in Ireland, and offers an incredible client experience.  The Fairways and FunDays Casino Night Experience will be a memorable part of your incredible Ireland Golf Tour.