March Arch Global Geopark is home to various sites that illustrate the geological and wider natural heritage of the area, as well as the cultural heritage that covers 7,000–8,000 years of recorded human occupation since the last ice age. The Geopark is located amongst rugged mountains on the border of Northern and Southern Ireland in County Cavan and County Fermanagh. It is the only cross border Geopark in the world.

The main attraction here are the caves, they are some of the best show caves in Europe, opening to the public in 1985. The park also comprises the Cuilcagh Mountains, numerous castle ruins, forest areas, a number of natural reserves and other natural and historic sites, there are a total of thirty five associated sites here. The area comprises of stunning natural beauty and offer an abundance of walking routes, hiking trails, cycling paths and plenty of outdoor activities amongst its rocky and stunning landscape.

Together the sites offer an insight into the archaeology, history, folklore and wildlife of the area.

Visitors to these extensive caves are exposed to an intriguing and ethereal, natural underworld of rivers, waterfalls, winding passages and high chambers. An experienced and animated guide takes visitors on a journey through an extraordinary range of cave formations, many being named owing to their unique features, there are a number of usual cave features including, stalactites and stalagmites which can be seen throughout the tour, an impressive calcite arch, that give the caves their name, as it was closely resembles marble. These beautiful natural formations sparkle all around. Special walkways allow easy access through the caves and specifically placed lighting shows the natural beauty and splendour of these caves to their full effect. Visitors are taken aboard electrically powered boats that float past the lofty caverns and along a subterranean river. It is an underground adventure that will amaze and mesmerise visitors.

Tours last about 75 minutes and are suited to those with reasonable fitness. Sensible footwear is recommended and as the caves can be cool it is suggested to take along an additional layer.

The caves are open from April through to September daily but, can be closed owing to adverse weather particularly after heavy rain.