The Wild Atlantic Way encompasses an impressive 2,500 kilometres of stunning rugged coast that runs along the west of Ireland. The route provides a sensational journey of towering mountains, jutting headlands, breath-taking cliff faces, hidden beaches, brilliant bays, verdant landscapes, boglands and lush green forests. It is the world’s longest defined coastal touring route and certainly the tour of a life time. Take time to experience this fresh air playground.

With six individual regions, this tour will immerse those who drive it in genuine Irish culture, heritage, cuisine and the craic. This tour provides all types of adventure from a remote and tranquil getaway to an legendary adventure, it is all here for the taking. Travelling along there is plenty of opportunity to meet locals who reside in the numerous vibrant towns, pretty villages and fishing villages that are located along this winding coastline. They will be happy to share stories, impart their local knowledge and advise on many local and lesser known hidden gems.

The route is well signposted and easy to navigate. Along the route are 188 discovery points to be found, extending from the wild Donegal headlands in the north as far as the picturesque peninsulas of Kerry and Cork. There are so many awe-inspiring sites to be visited, from the unrivalled Atlantic views from the wind-whipped tip of Malin Head, the country’s most northerly point. At the other end of the country in Kerry, take a ferry across the waters to the ancient Skelligs, a former monastery site.

In addition to the must-see attractions, off the beaten track there are a plethora of amazing sites hidden just waiting to be discovered, from golden sandy beaches to charming fishing villages, secluded islands and much more. Each stop is fascinating and has a story to tell.

The views along the way are stunning, take time to enjoy the vistas from the numerous lighthouses, seascapes and captivating cliff-tops. Every turn and curve in the road offers something new and exciting to see.

It is also a food journey, tastebuds will be delighted along the way as they are exposed to the finest local delicacies, traditional Irish cuisine and the freshest seafood. There are also plenty of welcoming and lively pubs offering traditional live music and plenty of craic just waiting to be visited. Discover a wealth of arts and culture festivals taking place during the year.

Visitors can choose to drive the route from tip to tip or just take in the areas that interest them. However they choose to do this route, it is going to be a once in a lifetime experience, that will not be forgotten for a long time.