Tullamore D.E.W. Distillery is found in a 19th century bonded warehouse, the original home of the distillery, where the whiskey making tradition began. It is located on the banks of Tullamore’s Grand Canal in the centre of Ireland and provides visitors with the opportunity to discover all about the history of this historic brand and its whiskey making process. It was here that ships would have been loaded with their cargoes of whiskey for distribution.

The distillery is no longer operational, production ceased here in the 1950’s when it was moved to Cork. It now serves as a museum where visitors will learn all about how a blended Irish whiskey is produced, in this charming but rustic centre using state of the art technology and old world props. Visitors will trace the footsteps of Daniel E. Williams as he progresses through the ranks from a humble stable boy to distillery manager to the creator of a fine whiskey that still uses his initials today. Tours take in almost two hundred years of history and the centre is still home to a lot of the original machinery, pots, caskets and stills that were used in the distillation process. Tour guides are professional and passionate and will engage visitors throughout with stories and antidotes, they explain everything really well.

During the tour visitors are taken through each stage of the artisan craft of whiskey making, the ingredients used, the production process from still house to warehouse. Tours commence with a short audio-visual presentation. Throughout the museum life-size wax figures are used to demonstrate the different stages of the distilling process. Discover all about the evaporation process that is referred to as “angels share” and how their whiskey’s get their individual complexity.

The conclusion of the tour is in the tasting room with a triple tasting session of some of their fine whiskeys, all are excellent. Tours are about an hour in duration.

The Bond Restaurant is a first class establishment, it has a cosy and inviting atmosphere with a great menu, taking the best in fresh local ingredients they transform them into delicious and sumptuous artisan dishes. Their home-baked goods are delectable.

The Whiskey Bar has a pleasant decor and a charming ambience. The barstools are made from old whiskey barrels. There is a great selection of whiskey’s and specially selected whiskey cocktails.

The gift shop has an excellent range of whiskey merchandise and souvenirs, visitors can purchase one of their fine whiskeys to take home with them, some brands can only be purchased here.

Tullamore D.E.W Distillery is open daily throughout the year.