Tayto Park is a potato themed park and zoo, celebrating Ireland’s favourite snack, the Tayto Crisp. It is Ireland’s only theme park, located a short distance from Dublin in Ashbourne, County Meath. This fifty five acre park is set amongst beautiful farmland and caters to all ages with a range of activities, providing a fantastic fun day out. There is even the opportunity to meet with Mr Tayto and have your photograph taken with him.

There are in excess of one hundred attractions within the park, so there is lots to see and do, including, Cu Chulainn, Europe’s biggest wooden rollercoaster with an inversion, totally exhilarating, a must for all thrill seekers. Other popular rides are the Rotator, Tayto Twister, Air Race and Zipline Extreme. Activities include the climbing wall and aerial walkway. There is a road train taking visitors from one end of the park, as well as a 5D cinema showing short movies that stimulate all the senses. Dinosaurs Alive is a life-like animatronic dinosaur spectacular, it is home to colossal dinosaurs including, a resident Mammoth, Cave Bear, Sabre-tooth Tiger and many more all in a landscaped enclosure.

Take time to visit the diverse zoo where guests can see some unique and more common animals like Amur tigers, meerkats, buffalo, monkey’s, lynx Corsac Fox, Aard Wolf and much more. Tayto Park is home to the largest bison herd in Europe.

The Pow Wow playground caters to younger guests provides a fun and safe environment to play in. There is a Teahouse in the Treehouse and Native American Village to explore too. Younger visitors will love the petting zoo.

Take time to visit the Tayto Factory where visitors can learn all about the history of Tayto and see the production process of the crisps, transformed from a potato to a crisp right through to packaging.

There are also landscaped walkways containing hundred of different types of trees and shrubs.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to eating with snacks, pizzas and hot meals available. There are also shops where visitors can purchase refreshments and souvenirs. Or perhaps take along a picnic and utilise the allocated picnic areas.

When leaving everyone receives a complimentary bag of Tayto crisps. Tayto Park is a tremendous fun day out for all ages.

Tayto park opens daily from April through to August and during the school holidays. The park is closed in January, February and March. Outside of these periods it is open on weekends only.