There are many fantastic venues in Ireland that host live traditional Irish music. Music has always been an integral of the Irish culture and heritage. Traditional music is one of the most exciting and rich elements of Irish culture. To really appreciate this type of music it has to be heard live and preferably in a pub, this way the artistry of real Irish musicians can be admired. Traditional irish music is soulful and an definition of feelings whilst allowing its listeners to have a good time.

A visit to Ireland should incorporate a music session, be it a traditional session or folk music, it is the only way to get a feel of this dynamic and energetic style of music. Over the years it has been adopted by modern musicians who have incorporated it into modern styles to great effect.

There are many iconic music venues to be found throughout the country that showcase established and emerging talent from the music scene. There is music playing every night of the week so there will be no problem in finding it. Usually a group of three to five players are crammed into a corner and play music throughout the evening. Traditional Irish music is predominantly instrumental, vocalists are not usually present. Most sessions start around 9.30pm or whenever a few musicians have gathered.

Instruments commonly featured are the bodhran hand drum, flute, tin whistle, fiddle, uileann pipes, mandolin, banjo and accordion.

A session is not usually structured, the players will discuss songs and then decide what to play, sometimes taking requests. It is more a meeting of players where music is created there and then.

To get the most out of a session, grab a drink and pull up a seat and enjoy the craic that accompanies a session. An exceptional experience and memorable night is assured.