The Jameson Experience is housed an old whiskey distillery that dates back to the 18th century, whiskey has been distilled and matured here since 1825. The beautiful restored preserved buildings are set on a pretty fifteen acre estate in Midleton, County Cork in the west of Ireland. The Jameson distillery was originally in Dublin but outgrew its premises and relocated to the site in Midleton.

During a tour visitors will be given a guided tour of both the distillery grounds and the interior. During the Experience Tour vistors are taken through the story of whiskey and given an introduction to the making of Irish whiskey. the tour commences with a a short audio-visual presentation, that narrates the history of whiskey in Ireland. Guests then proceed through the old distillery where the the smells and sights surround them, carts are piled high with grains and the aroma of the smell of malted barley drying in closed kilns permeate the air. Guests will get to see the old kilns, mills, maltings, water wheel, still house, distiller’s cottage, cooperage and warehouses. Learn about the seven stages involved and about “the angel’s share”, in the exhibition areas. The tour takes about seventy five minutes, and provides a fascinating story behind the creation of one of the worlds best known whiskey brands in the world, it is told through a series of reconstructed scenes from the original distillery in Dublin.

Outside guests can see the water wheel that once operated all the machinery here, it is still operational and turns the cogs and wheels in the Mill Building. Warehouse No. 1, is home to the largest copper pot in the world, thousands of casks of maturing whiskey are on display and there is the new micro distillery. Also housed here are the official historical archives for the Irish Distiller Whiskey labels in the old Master Distillers House.

The tour concludes with a complimentary glass of Jameson with a mixer of your choice. Selected volunteers are offered the opportunity to take part in a whiskey tasting that will show the differences between Scotch, American and Irish whiskey and become a Qualified Irish Whiskey Taster.

For those who are interested there is are more in-depth tours called the “Behind the Scenes Tour”, it takes about two hours, or there is the ultimate tour the “Academy Experience Package”, it lasts about four hours, and would suit real whiskey enthusiasts. There is also Premium Whiskey Tasting session available, it takes about thirty minutes.

The Jameson Experience Midleton is open throughout the year. The Malt House Restaurant is a lovely restaurant that offers a nice choice of dishes, their home-made cakes are delicious and very tempting. Take time to visit the shop their is a good selection of whiskey souvenirs and were visitors can also purchase the various whiskey’s distilled by Jameson’s.