Eagles Flying is a fabulous unique attraction suited to the whole family, it is fun, educational and exciting too. The centre is situated amongst twenty seven acres of stunning natural mature parklands in Sligo, in the North-West Ireland. It is the biggest centre for birds of prey and owls in the country, the sanctuary is home to around 350 birds and animals from a large variety of species. The centre was initially started for research purposes but, owing to increasing interest and awareness, it made a decision to open parts of the centre to visitors. Now it offers visitors an up-close experience with these majestic birds.

Before and after the show you can see the birds in avaries, or on perches near to the walking path. During the highly entertaining and interactive shows visitors will get to see the amazing skill, agility and intelligence of these fantastic birds. Visitors will get to experience some of the largest birds of prey in the world literally flying over their heads or landing beside them. Some of them can be touched but, it is necessary to check with the trainer first. There might even be the possibility of one landing on your hand, arm or shoulder. This is possible owing to their unique training methods. Watch enthralled as different species of eagle hunt on prey-dummies in their natural environment. Be amazed watching the arrow like flight of the falcons, and the super intelligence of the vultures. Marvel at their gigantic wingspan. They really are the masters of the skies.

Throughout the Flying Demonstrations scientists describe the biology of each of the birds and the raptors and their important role in nature. They will gladly answer any questions there might be.

The centre is also home to many other animals such as goats, lambs, donkeys, a shetland pony, horses, pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs, raccoon, ferrets, chinchillas, a python and many more, visitors can meet a lot of them and even hold some of them at the supervised Touch Zoo area. There are pleasant walks in the next door parklands.

It is hoped that by educating visitors about these birds it will help in safeguarding these endangered species for many years to come. They are certainly passionate about their work here.

Eagles Flying are open daily from April through to November. The flying demonstrations start at 11.00am and 15.00pm daily and last for an hour. In the instance of inclement weather the shows will take place in their indoor arena. Don’t forget to take a camera as there will be plenty of photo opportunities.