Don and Barry’s Historic Stroll in Old Kinsale is the only way to learn all there is to know about this historic and picturesque harbour town. They are two local veterans who have been providing these tours for twenty two years. They provide an illuminating and insightful look into the story of Kinsale from past to present, although a small town it packs a lot of history. The emphasis of this tour is Ireland’s coastline, combined with a blend of maritime history and lore, and a sprinkling of Irish history too.The town dates back to medieval times when it was a walled town and has seen plenty of comings and goings throughout the years. Enclosed by a wide-sheltered harbour and home to an unusual star-shaped fort, Kinsale harbour has always been an important centre for shipping and trading, growing into one of Ireland’s major wine ports in the 17th and 18th centuries. During the walk Kinsale’s link to the Lusitania, a ship sunk off the coast in 1915 is explained, visitors will also hear stories of Vikings, Spanish and British influences. Visitors will learn things you just would not have known from walking around the town, if you don’t take a tour you will miss out on so much.This walk is Kinsales best and most popular attraction by far. It is historical, captivating, informative and most of all amusing. Tours last about ninety minutes and involves a gentle walk, there are no hills, so suitable to all ages and most abilities. It is a terrific tour full of information and humour. Both Don and Barry are first-class story tellers and really make the town come to life.Tours operate daily March through to October. There are tours available November through to February but, these are by appointment only.