Dingle Dolphin Tours are boat tours that offer trips to see Dingles most famous resident, Fungie the Dolphin, who resides in Dingle Harbour, in Kerry. Fungie is a wild Bottlenose Dolphin who has been residing in these waters for almost thirty two years, he has never left and has been drawing people to see him for years. There is no reasoning as to why Fungie decided to stay here, as other bottlenose dolphins have come and gone, he has no mate or family, instead he chooses to live in solidarity in these waters.Boats leave from Dingle Pier at frequent intervals throughout the day. Tours operate every day throughout the year, weather permitting. The trip lasts for about an hour during which time you will see Fungie wild and free in his natural habitat, amongst the beautiful setting of Dingle harbour and the cliffs of Dingle Bay. The experienced crew know where to locate Fungi and how to engage him in play. If you don’t get to see Fungie there is no charge, although this is unlikely as he makes regular appearances. You can enjoy the gorgeous views as you travel out to the mouth of the harbour and the tour guide imparts some historical facts about the area round the bay, very informative and interesting.Fungie is a friendly chap and is well known for his playfulness, sometimes he will race alongside the boat, impress with his jumps or just pop his head up to say hello, regardless of what time of the day it is, it is highly likely that visitors will see him, it is only when he is feeding that he cannot be seen. Generally people are amazed that they see so much of him.Visitors from near and far and from young to old come to see Fungie. He is a local celebrity and well loved by the locals, they have even erected a statue in his honour.No holiday to this part of Ireland would be complete without seeing Dingles most famous resident. Don’t forget to take your camera and warm clothing as it can get cold out on the waters.