Dingle Distillery is not yet known in whiskey circles but, it soon will be, they are Ireland’s youngest distillery. Their ethos is to produce an artisan product by rekindling the tradition of independent distilling in Ireland. They first started to distill in November 2012 and it characterised a turning point in the history of distilling in ireland. Two hundred years ago, the country had more than a hundred formally acknowledged distilleries, by the turn of the century there were two. You will find Dingle Distillery located on the Wild Atlantic Way, in Dingle, County Kerry.Using age old traditions and methods and Irish malted barley, they have produced a unique and flavoursome whiskey, that is essentially different to anything else on the market. The first spirit dripped from the sills in November 2012 and is ready for release in November 2016. Today this individual Dingle Whiskey is maturing in the mild, moist climate of the south-west coast of Ireland, said to be favourable for whiskey production. It will be the first authentically new single malt produced in Ireland in the past twenty five years. Legally, under the Irish Whiskey Act of 1980, whiskey cannot be called whiskey until the spirits have been matured in wooden casks on the island of Ireland for a period of not less than three years. The production scale is modest with just two casks being produced a week. They are the first distillery outside of the big three brands to produce whiskey in Ireland. Whilst this whiskey is maturing you can savour their other products including Dingle Original Gin and Dingle Distillery Vodka.This distillery tour gives visitors an introduction into Irish whiskey and into the Dingle Distillery. Visitors are welcome to come and take a tour of this facility where they will get a great insight into the complete production process, right in the heart of this distilling plant. Each stage is clearly explained and you will see all the processes, the three hand-crafted copper pot sills and more. At the conclusion of the tour a gin/vodka sample is provided, the gin has recently won “Best Gin in the World”. It is a truly enjoyable and educational experience.The distillery is located in a converted sawmill, beside an estuary of Dingle harbour, it is open daily and tours operate throughout the day. They also run the Dingle Distillery Whiskey School on some weekends during the year.