Derry Walking Tour is probably the best way to see this wonderful walled city, visitors can opt to go alone or with a qualified guide who will be able to explain the intricate history and be on hand to answer any questions that visitors might have. By walking visitors get to marvel at the many architectural, historic and cultural delights there are here and get a true feeling of the spirit of the city.

Derry has more than 1,500 years of history, heritage and a vibrant culture contained within it’s city walls, it is the only entirely walled city in Ireland, forming a walkway around the inner city. The Walls also offer a unique walkway to view the layout of the original town that continues to maintain its Renaissance Style street plan to the current day. From its humble beginnings as a 6th century monastic settlement to a vibrant and bustling modern city there is much to discover and explore here.

The tour generally incorporates a one mile circle that takes in all the major sights including the four original Gates to the city – Shipquay, Butcher, Bishop and Ferryquay. Along the route are over fifty natural and built attractions in the area, including, the Walls, St. Columb’s Cathedral, the Guildhall, the Bogside, the Peoples Gallery (murals), the Bloody Sunday Story, the History of the Apprentice Boys and the Marching Season Traditions.

The Walls are among the finest preserved fortifications in the Western World, they were erected in 1618 to defend the city, they are an impressive eight metres tall and in some places are nine metres wide. They have stood the test of time and protected the city successfully from three major sieges. The city also lays claim to having Europe’s biggest collection of cannon whose exact origins are known. These canons are displayed throughout the City Walls with the most famous, Roaring Meg, positioned on the double bastion.

St Columb’s Cathedral was constructed in 1633 and is the city’s most historic building. The Bogside was a central point for many of the events of The Troubles, it now hosts fabulous gable-wall murals, there are twelve in total.

As you travel around the inner city there are plenty of opportunities to get close up photographs.

A tour will generally take about an hour to two hours and they operate daily.