The Causeway Coast Driving Route is one of the world’s best road journeys, as substantiated by a number of polls. It takes you from Belfast to Londonderry along the stunning northern edge of Irelands coastline, covering a distance of 314 kilometres. The route although not long, is breathtaking, and should not be rushed, it is recommended to allow four or five days this will give enough time to fully appreciate the various locations. It can be done in a day if that is all the time you have. The Causeway Coastal route is a designated route and clearly signposted all the way, it is easy to follow and you will not get lost.

The road literally hugs the coastline and you will see some fabulous scenery, rugged and windswept cliffs as well as unspoilt beaches and pristine countryside. The coastline here is a rich tapestry of legendary landmarks, strewn with historic castles, churches and forts, some are just ruins but all hold memories and stories waiting to be told of their heroic or valuable past.

This is a journey that needs to be appreciated, each turn and curve in the road will reveal new sights. The road will take you over bridges and under arches, past bays and beaches and unusual rock formations. If you take time to travel inland a whole new scene of delights awaits, with hills and valleys, rural glens, dramatic scenery and historic sites ingrained in myths and legends.

You will encounter many towns and villages, each with their own charm, where the locals will extend warm and friendly greetings. Stop take in the sights, hear the stories and delight in the different locations. From the bustling historic city of Belfast to sleepy hamlets and coastal harbour towns, you will encounter all aspects of this stunning coastline.

Make sure to take your camera as there will be endless photo opportunities. Around every bend there is another photo opportunity, each surpassing the last, you will spend a lot of time pulling over.