Bromore Cliffs are located in Ballybunion, North Kerry along the Wild Atlantic Way, they are on private farmland and attract a small charge for parking and entry. The cliffs extend for one and a kilometres and have been carved by nature over thousand of years, it is the minerals that trickle through the layers of flagstone that give the cliffs their continuing colour changes. The weather and sea are responsible for the headlands, bays and carved caves, arches and sea stacks that are found along its base. Situated in a Special Area of Conservation, the cliffs are home to a diverse range of insects, butterflies and wild honey bees. Other animals have made this area their habitat including, foxes, field mice and shrews. The crevices and narrow ledges along the rock face provide the perfect homes for a huge variety of birds If you look down far below to the Ocean you might see an Atlantic Grey Seal or Bottlenose Dolphin, or even an infrequent sea otter. The vegetation and wildflowers that grow along the cliffs provide a riot of colour when in full bloom. The walk along them is safe and easy, with the cliff top being well fenced off. There are signs along the walk providing lots of information on what you will see. The promontory fort and ring forts although ruins are interesting to see. Take some time to sit on the benches and just enjoy the views, or take some photograph, it is breathtaking here. Bromore Cliffs are a unique experience, in area of untouched natural beauty and so peaceful, an attraction you have to see when in Kerry.

Ballybunion Beach is a well known beach and seaside resort in North Kerry, it is found along The Wild Atlantic Way route. It is a beautiful blue flag beach and stretches for miles with soft golden sands, and is sheltered by the cliffs. There are two beaches here both accessed by wide, very steep concrete pavements, known as Men’s Beach and Ladies Beach. In the summer months large crowds come here to enjoy the warm Atlantic waters, play in the waters, swim, sunbath, build sandcastles and fish. The area is popular with surfers from all over who come to catch the waves off the Atlantic. A popular tradition here are the beachside Seaweed Baths, they feature warmed sea water with kelp, afterwards you skin feels like silk. The beach is home to impressive tidal caves that can be explored during low tide. In the summer months cooked periwinkles are salted and served, a local delicacy. There is a small cafe and ice cream shop where you can get refreshments, and nearby is the town where there are lots of restaurants and pubs.